Alumni Fellows and Interns

2014 - 2015

  • Tan Chan

    Tan Chan

    UPenn Alumnus. Environmental Studies

    PPEH Fellow 2014-2015

    Tan Chan (C'15) explored how sustainability is embraced and advanced by Philadephia's different cultural communities, through inside looks at: 1) green stormwater infrastructure and environmental c

  • Leah Davidson

    Leah Davidson

    UPenn Alumnus, Management and Global Innovation, Wharton

    PPEH Fellow 2014-2015

    Leah Davidson (W'16, C'16) combined her passions in the humanities and sustainability to explore the role of art in environmental activism.

  • Aaron Guo

    Aaron Guo

    UPenn Alumnus, Systems Science Engineering

    PPEH Fellow 2014-2015

    Aaron Guo (E'17, W'17) finds his knack in bringing business and environmental sustainability together.

  • Jose Romero 

    Jose Romero 

    UPenn Alumnus, Anthropology

    PPEH Fellow 2014-2015

    Violence vitalizes Carbon. In Mining Mexican Toxicity, Jose Romero (C'15) weaves together environmental justice and Mexican transnational labor, in order to undermine the boundaries separa

  • Rebecca Macklin

    Rebecca Macklin

    Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn Program in Environmental Humanities

    Rebecca Macklin comes to PPEH from a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Leeds, where she completed a PhD focused on contemporary Native American and South African literature.