Alumni Fellows and Interns

2016 - 2017

  • Kaushik Ramu

    Kaushik Ramu

    Doctoral Candidate, Comparative Literature & Literary Theory

    PPEH Fellow 2016-2017

    Kaushik Ramu is a PhD candidate in the Program in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, at the University of Pennsylvania.

2015 - 2016

  • Brooke Stanley

    Brooke Stanley

    English Ph.D.

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Brooke Stanley earned their Ph.D. in English at the University of Pennsylvania. They work on postcolonial ecocriticism and contemporary fiction, particularly southern African.

  • Steve Dolph

    Steve Dolph

    Hispanic & Portuguese Studies Ph.D.

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Steve Vásquez Dolph earned a doctorate in literary studies from the Hispanic & Portuguese Studies Department at the University of Pennsylvania in April, 2017. His research look

  • Carolyn Fornoff

    Carolyn Fornoff

    Spanish & Portuguese Ph.D.

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Carolyn Fornoff earned her Ph.D. in Spanish & Portuguese with her dissertation,Species Sadness: Sex, Politics and Nonhuman Creativity in Latin America.

  • Ayla Fudala

    Ayla Fudala

    UPenn Alumnus, English Language and Literature and Environmental Studies

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Ayla Fudala (C'16) is interested in combining her two passions, writing and the environment.

  • Shams Haidari

    Shams Haidari

    UPenn Alumnus, Political Science and History

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Shams Haidari (C’16) was a Political Science and History double major, interested in Middle Eastern governance, energy production, and energy trade.

  • Jess Holler

    Jess Holler

    Doctoral Candidate, English Literature

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Jess Holler is a Ph.D. student in English Literature at Penn, and a MA student in Folk Studies, Public Sector-track, at Western Kentucky University.

  • Patricia Eunji Kim

    Patricia Eunji Kim

    Doctoral Candidate, History of Art

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Patricia Eunji Kim is Ph.D. Candidate in the History of Art department, where she specializes in Greek and Hellenistic art and archaeology.

  • Ruben Post

    Ruben Post

    Graduate Student,  Ancient History

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Ruben Post is a Ancient History graduate student. He is interested in the connections between climate, ecology, economics, and society in the ancient Greek world.

  • Aviva Rosen

    Aviva Rosen

    UPenn Alumnus, Communications

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Aviva Rosen (C'18) was a Communications major and Creative Writing minor from Philadelphia.

  • Kasey Toomey

    Kasey Toomey

    Masters in Fine Arts

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Kasey Toomey earned a Masters candidate in Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. His visual practice ranges from sculptural and installation work to public space design.

  • Fatima Zahra

    Fatima Zahra

    Doctoral Candidate, Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Fatima Zahra is in the Ph.D. program at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and is a research associate for the International Literacy Institute at Penn.