Alumni Fellows and Interns

2015 - 2016

  • Jess Holler

    Jess Holler

    Doctoral Candidate, English Literature

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Jess Holler is a Ph.D. student in English Literature at Penn, and a MA student in Folk Studies, Public Sector-track, at Western Kentucky University.

  • Patricia Eunji Kim

    Patricia Eunji Kim

    Doctoral Candidate, History of Art

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Patricia Eunji Kim is Ph.D. Candidate in the History of Art department, where she specializes in Greek and Hellenistic art and archaeology.

  • Ruben Post

    Ruben Post

    Graduate Student,  Ancient History

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Ruben Post is a Ancient History graduate student. He is interested in the connections between climate, ecology, economics, and society in the ancient Greek world.

  • Aviva Rosen

    Aviva Rosen

    UPenn Alumnus, Communications

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Aviva Rosen (C'18) was a Communications major and Creative Writing minor from Philadelphia.

  • Kasey Toomey

    Kasey Toomey

    Masters in Fine Arts

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Kasey Toomey earned a Masters candidate in Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. His visual practice ranges from sculptural and installation work to public space design.

  • Fatima Zahra

    Fatima Zahra

    Doctoral Candidate, Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development

    PPEH Fellow 2015-2016

    Fatima Zahra is in the Ph.D. program at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and is a research associate for the International Literacy Institute at Penn.

2014 - 2015

  • Allison Bart

    Allison Bart

    UPenn Alumnus, Communications

    PPEH Fellow 2014-2015

    Humans are defined by experiences throughout their lives.

  • Austin Bream

    Austin Bream

    UPenn Alumnus, International Studies, German

    PPEH Fellow 2014-2015

    Austin Bream (W'17, C'17) used his time abroad in Berlin to explore what role spaces plays in forming a city's sustainable character.

  • Stephanie Businelli

    Stephanie Businelli

    UPenn Alumnus, Environmental Studies

    PPEH Fellow 2014-2015

    Stephanie Businelli (C'16) firmly believes sustainability needs to be understood as an international issue, which led her to take advantage of time abroad in Australia to explore the parallels in t

  • Tan Chan

    Tan Chan

    UPenn Alumnus. Environmental Studies

    PPEH Fellow 2014-2015

    Tan Chan (C'15) explored how sustainability is embraced and advanced by Philadephia's different cultural communities, through inside looks at: 1) green stormwater infrastructure and environmental c

  • Leah Davidson

    Leah Davidson

    UPenn Alumnus, Management and Global Innovation, Wharton

    PPEH Fellow 2014-2015

    Leah Davidson (W'16, C'16) combined her passions in the humanities and sustainability to explore the role of art in environmental activism.

  • Aaron Guo

    Aaron Guo

    UPenn Alumnus, Systems Science Engineering

    PPEH Fellow 2014-2015

    Aaron Guo (E'17, W'17) finds his knack in bringing business and environmental sustainability together.